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January 29, 2024

English Bay Blending and Fine Chocolates acquires gluten free market leader Kinnikinnick Foods.

English Bay Blending and Fine Chocolates is a proud provider of private label and co-manufactured food since 1983. This April, CEO Jack Seguin announced plans to move English Bay’s manufacturing facility from Delta, BC to Stony Plain, Alberta by November 2025.  


In addition to English Bay’s three main areas of expertise:  Protein Bars, Chocolate, and Dry Blends; we are excited to announce the acquisition of Kinnikinnick Foods headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta.

Kinnikinnick has been producing high quality gluten-free baked goods since 1991.  Their Family-Owned company will fit in perfectly with our Family-Owned English Bay team.

The facility will remain strictly gluten free, as well as free from dairy, nuts, peanuts & soy.

We are happy to continue to grow the products loved the world over by those with celiac disease and on restricted diets. 

Our combined customer service driven team will continue to deliver excellence in food products to North American Retailers.

We are excited to offer innovation, investment, and our management team to provide growth to the category.

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Jack Seguin, owner of English Bay Blending & Fine Chocolates (English Bay), was joined by representatives from the Government of Alberta and Stony Plain to announce the relocation and expansion of the business from Delta, BC, to Stony Plain.

English Bay's new $30 million dollar facility will be approximately 120,000 square feet, located on 8.3 acres of land in Stony Plain's North Business Park. The facility's construction will create approximately 90 temporary jobs starting in the spring of 2023 and upwards of 75 permanent jobs upon opening in 2025.

Jack Seguin says, "Stony Plain has been on my radar for quite some time. The low cost of land and property taxes, easy transportation access, diverse business ecosystem, and supportive community are a few reasons I've chosen to relocate and expand my business here. Not many other places match the quality opportunities Stony Plain offers."

Mayor William Choy says, "Stony Plain is honoured to welcome English Bay Blending & Fine Chocolates to our community. Mr. Seguin's investment creates valuable jobs for Stony Plain residents and supports Council's vision of growing to 30,000 residents. We will explore options to further incentivize this investment through the Town’s Commercial, Industrial and Multi-Unit Residential Infill Policy and the Development Agreement Security Policy, two tools we use to foster new development that benefits our residents and community."

Economic Development Officer Michelle Levasseur says, "This investment really substantiates Stony Plain's value proposition – convenient access to transportation, a skilled workforce, supportive Council, and a vibrant and unique community atmosphere. English Bay's announcement helps reimagine Stony Plain and is exactly what Stony Plain needs to attract similar businesses to create a high-end food campus in the North Business Park."




English Bay's Stony Plain facility will be double that of their former 43,000 square foot BC location, include additional production lines, to increase business offerings and services to existing and new clients alike.

Media Enquiries

  1. Stony Plain
    Follow the link above or call 780 963 8606 to be connected with Stony Plain's Corporate Communication Department.

  2. English Bay Blending & Fine Chocolates, Diane Bertrand 780-994-9416 or

About English Bay Blending & Fine Chocolates
English Bay was founded in 1983 by owner Jack Seguin who developed a famous cookie recipe that took the food industry by storm. English Bay's success led to the addition of a fine chocolate label in 2007, followed by a bar line in 2018. English Bay serves customers across North America and focuses on co-manufacturing and private labels. English Bay is committed to excellence in manufacturing food products of the highest quality. To learn more about English Bay Blending & Fine Chocolates, visit

About Stony Plain
Located in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region, Stony Plain is part of the fastest-growing region in Canada. Over 18,000 residents and 1,000 businesses call Stony Plain home. As the gateway between western Alberta and the Edmonton Metropolitan Region, Stony Plain is the primary corridor for tens of thousands of vehicles daily and provides easy access to international markets via Port Alberta. Visit to learn more about Stony Plain's opportunities.

April 6, 2023


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