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Fine Chocolates


We choose only the finest, ethically sourced fair-trade ingredients for our fine chocolates.   We use Callebaut fine dark Chocolate, regular, Sugar Free or unsweetened.  We source the finest fruits and nuts for the fillings and toppings. We go to great lengths to exceed our Customers expectations.

We have 2 Imperial design moulding lines and 2 Nielson enrobing lines

Chocolate bars

Our fine dark chocolate bars are available

in solid with fruit and nuts inside or

toppings or with decadent fillings such

as peanut butter or truffle fillings

Our bar sizes range from 50g to 100g

Individually wrapped or

stand up pouches 50g to 1kg

Chocolate pieces

and Baking Chocolate

Our fine dark chocolates are also

available in bite size pieces or 28g

bakers chocolate. Also available

solid with fruit and nuts inside

or toppings and with decadent

truffle fillings packaged in Stand-up

pouches 250 to 500g. Foil or film

Individually wrapped 11g to 28g


Nothing pairs better with Chocolate

than fruit.  We offer several delicious

fruit to choose from: Mangoes,

strawberries, figs, bananas, Pineapple,

mandarins, apricots enrobed

in Our finest dark chocolate.

packaged in Stand-up

pouches 250 to 1kg

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