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Since 1983 English Bay’s team has worked with many North American customers to develop their products.  We are excited to build new relationships in the bar industry with our latest state of the art automated bar line:


  • Tanis T-bar slab forming line with guillotine-style double roll extruders

  • Ultra sonic cutting to any length:  52mm to 100mm

  • Fully integrated Bosch (Syntegon) robotic packaging line for individually wrapped bars 

  • Shelf ready displayers ranging from 5-24 bars

  • 4 types of bars offered: Extruded, slab formed, crisp and granola

Bar ingredients

Some of the specialty ingredients we use in our bars come in a variety of forms – whole, diced, powder or meal, protein, crisps, or extracts.  

Nuts: peanuts, almonds, pistachios

Seeds: teff, sunflower, flax, chia, pumpkin, hemp

Fruit: blueberries, apples, cranberries, cherries, dragon fruit, raisins.

Coconut, peas, mushrooms, oats, rice, cocoa, chocolate, coffee, tea, sea salt, and turmeric


English Bay produces great tasting

Gluten and Dairy Free bars for our customers

Energy, superfoods and vegan plant based

Bars made from simple, natural ingredients.

Our Functional food bars offer delicious

healthy snacks that are nourishing too!

slab formed

English Bay manufactures the best tasting

Cold pressed bars too for clients across

North America.  Gluten and Dairy Free

Super food bars made with high quality

whole food ingredients.   We use non-GMO,

and No artificial ingredients. We have expertise

in a variety of slab formed bars: collagen protein;

probiotic energy; plant powered protein and

superfood bars.    


The ultimate snack: the granola

And crisp bars. Made with gluten free oats

and a wide range of natural ingredients:

fruits, seeds, nuts, and crisps.   We offer so

many wholesome products to choose from -

our R&D team can develop your

perfect signature bar. 

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